Sleep Hacks from Around the World

Different cultures worldwide have unique sleep hacks that can support people in getting a better night's sleep. Here are some sleep hacks from around the world:

Japan - In Japan, many people practice "yoga nidra," in turn to get a deep relaxation that includes lying in bed and concentrating on the sensations in your body.

India - In India, people mostly focuses on "yoga" and "pranayama" (breathing exercises) to settle their mind and endorse relaxation before bed.

Sweden - In Sweden, Here people take the tradition of involving "fika," which can give them a break only in the middle of the day to adore a cup of coffee and a sweet treat. This break is supposed to recover sleep quality by dropping stress and improving energy levels.

Australia - In Australia, most of them take "power naps" during the day to increase their energy levels and advance their sleep quality at night.

Greece - In Greece, people often take "polyphasic sleep," which comprises good multiple short naps throughout the day instead of one long sleep.

Spain - In Spain, people ensure with "siestas," or afternoon naps, to recharge and refresh for the rest of the day.

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