Drinking 8 Glasses of Water a Day is a Fact or Fiction?

As we know, “An Apple keeps the doctor away” - equally “Drink 8 glasses of water a day” is a fact and essential need of the human body. It’s our responsibility to maintain our body’s water content to escape from dehydration. Let’s have a keen look at the regular intake of water in brief.

drink 8 glasses of water a day

How much water should you drink each day?

You can get a proper answer to this question. Instead, know more details regarding the intake of water and the benefits of hydration to lead a happy life.

Reference to the National Institute of Medicine, the report shows the Adequate Intake (AI) level for total water and total beverages. The AI shows a level that is assumed to match the requirements of individual people.

The AI for total water (that includes water from food, beverages, and metabolism) and total beverages (additionally, includes water and all other drinks)

Gender/age Total water Total beverages
Males, ages 19–70 125 ounces (3,700 ml) 101 ounces (3,000 ml)
Females, ages 19–70 91 ounces (2,700 ml) 74 ounces (2,200 ml)

You can just take this report as an example of your health benefits. Moreover, the intake of water may vary according to the individual and many other factors like environment, lifestyle, body, and more. As we know, Body size, composition, and activity level may tremendously differ from person to person. If you are a person from the sports category ie. an athlete, accommodated in a hot atmosphere, or a mom who does breastfeeding may certainly require plenty of water.

Note: We don’t compel any individuals to take compulsory 8 glasses of water using this blog, but instantly quench your thirst which can bring magic to your body.

In certain cases, a person with a regular workout routine and exposure to a hot atmosphere will ask for more water intake when compared to other people. Unfortunately, we have many medications for old age, and other people regularly insist to take more water as per the doctor's advice.

Drinking enough water has some health benefits:

Keep yourself hydrated and this way of having plenty of water can replace your daily water loss- breath, sweat, urine, and aspects.

Health benefits of drinking water:

health benefits of drinking water
  • Supports in Weight loss: Drinking enough water may help you to burn more calories, this may reduce the appetite if taken before the meal and prevents you from long-term weight gain.
  • Physical booster: Frequent dehydration may weaken physical activities and other body functions. You may happen to lose 2% of your body’s water content.
  • Minimal headaches: Person who has easy exposure to headaches, we recommend intaking more fluids ie. and water to reduce the intensity.
  • Constipation relief: Constipation must need to be concentrated as it triggers major health issues and can spoil your body function. To prevent such a vast issue- take more water and escape from the possibility of constipation.
  • Decreased risk of kidney stones: In accordance with the vast experiment regarding this particular issue. We do have some common evidence that high consumption of water may keep you away from kidney stones & their reoccurrence.

Follow the below points for the undoubted healthy lifestyle:

  • Don’t overtake water, instead drink until you feed your urine pale.
  • Quench your thirst- it’s a promise you need to do for yourself.
  • When you survive in heat and exercise which may show indications, make sure to drink enough to compensate for the lost or extra needed fluids general differentiation among the normal person’s water consumption level.

Why is 8-glasses of water intake necessary? If not done, what’s the worst side of it?

water cup

Can You Survive Without Water? If you can? Then how long?

Regular hydration is essential and recommended for survival. Approximately your body needs a basic quantity of water to normalize a day. As we know, the Human body will constantly expel water via sweat and urination. To replenish this loss, try to intake more water daily.

Why the time period varies:

Dehydration is the medical term that represents the person who suffers from an inadequate level of water which is essential for their body. As the result, you need to maintain your body hydration level with respect on daily basis. Water is directly responsible for 60% of your body weight. Whereas, in children, water plays around 75% of their body weight.

Interesting fact:

You can survive without water, but you cannot manage when days roll. This surviving period without water may also vary according to person-person. This is due to many factors that are related to your body’s consumption of water, including your:

  • environmental conditions
  • activity level
  • age
  • health
  • weight
  • food intake

You can notice certain symptoms when your body loses its hydration levels like fever, vomiting, in major cases diarrhea.

Note: Try to compensate for more water or fluid forms when you do exercise, as your body loses more water.

Additionally, some foods you eat will have more water in them than others. Water consumption also includes other beverages like herbal tea and juice. However, some beverages can contribute to dehydration, such as ones that contain caffeine or alcohol.

To be known: Reference to the research, a human can only survive 8-12 days without water or food.

When you describe the water intake as ounces, you can refer to the link “ounces in a cup”. In general, women need 91 ounces of water/day, and men require 125 ounces/day with respect to beverages and foods. We haven’t included this report in terms of climate, activities, and other forms. Finally, let's see how the body reacts when you don't take things seriously regarding “Drink 8 glasses of water”.

How does the body react?

A lack of water will also impact other bodily functions. Without adequate water intake:

  • Irregular body temperature.
  • You find the electrolytes will show unbalanced reports.
  • Joints may feel sore or weak.
  • Swelling in the brain.
  • Extreme blood pressure may increase or decrease.

The bottom line

No one can predict the amount of water you have consumed at the end of the day without any periodic references or observations.

When you experience such an experimental part in your daily life, some may intentionally take more amount of water than usual and major people will take frequent visits to the restroom.


Hope, using this blog- you might know the necessity of drinking water and how it impacts the body functions. So, let’s get hydrated and stay away from unwanted health issues/lifestyles.

Formula: cup to ounces

ounces = cup * 8

Applying to Formula,

ounces = 1 * 8 = 8

1 cup = 8 ounces