How to increase bone strength naturally?

Here are some ways to improve bone strength naturally:

Exercise regularly: Weight-bearing and resistance exercises which include weightlifting, yoga, and running, can support you in increasing bone density and minimizing the risk of osteoporosis.

Eat a balanced diet: consuming more amount & at the same time at right quantity of diet is important. Taking proper diet food with calcium and vitamin D is vital for strong bones. Good sources of calcium contain dairy products, leafy greens, and fortified foods. Vitamin D can be gained from foods like fatty fish, eggs, & mushrooms, as well as from experience with sunlight.

Stop smoking and limit alcohol consumption: Smoking & excessive alcohol consumption can damagingly influence bone health.

Get enough sleep: When you have Adequate sleep, which is vital for complete health and can also influence bone health.

Consider supplements: Calcium and vitamin D supplements can even be used to get a sufficient amount, but it’s not recommended. Again, discussing this with a healthcare expert before starting any supplement regimen is best.

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